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Mendon Town Meeting Likely Use Consent Calendar Motion

Mendon's Annual Town Meeting is scheduled for Friday, May 6 and will begin at 7 p.m. at Miscoe Hill School. The Board of Selectmen finalized the warrant during a meeting on April 5, which will contain 27 articles in total, however, Articles 5 through 14 are considered standard and voted on each year. As a result, the Town Moderator may likely make a motion to vote those articles through a consent calendar, meaning they will be voted on in one motion in an effort to expedite the meeting. Those articles include:

Article 5 to authorize town officials to spend Chapter 90 monies and enter into contracts with the Highway Department.

Article 6 is to fund the Fiscal Year 2012 portion of the update valuation account for approximately $9,200.

Article 7 regards a $10,000 transfer of money for the town's cyclical inspection, which involves completing an assessment of all property over a multi-year period.

Articles 8, 9, and 10 concern revolving accounts for the Taft Public Library, the Planning Board, and the Highway Department. Revolving accounts are set up by the town in an effort to collect fees to support that organization and must be voted on each year.

The Taft Public Library's revolving account will utilize money charged to borrowers for lost, damaged, or overdue library materials to purchase additional library materials. The Library Director may not expend more than $6,000 per year out of the fund. The Planning Board's revolving account will hold deposits made by applicants from fees acquired for processing requests. The Planning Board Chair may not expend more than $30,000 per year out of the fund. And the Highway Department's revolving account will hold fees paid by patrons of the Recycling Center for which the Highway Surveyor may not expend more than $25,000 out of this fund. Another article on the warrant is requesting to set up a new revolving fund for the Conservation Commission and will not expend more than $25,000 from the fund if passed. Because it is a new account, it will not be voted under the consent calendar motion.

Article 11 is asking voters to approve the Mendon Land Use Committee's Five-Year Land Use Plan. Complete copies of the Plan are available in the Town Clerks' office and the Taft Public Library. Highlights of the plan can also be found on the Land Use Committee's Web page at

Article 12 is requesting to appropriate or transfer approximately $30,000 to fund the Fiscal Year 2012 payment of the town's ambulance.

Article 13 is asking voters to appropriate or transfer $2,500 for the Police Department's State/Federal Matching Grants program.

And Article 14 will fund the annual payment of $95,657 for the Fino land debt. This money is taken out of Community Preservation Act funding.


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