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Upton Approves Borrowing for Third Water Source

Just prior to Upton's May 5 Annual Town Meeting, a Special Town Meeting was held during which residents voted to pass 13 articles on the warrant.

One of the largest monetary articles on the Special Town Meeting warrant, Article 7, concerned $300,000 needed to fund the design and engineering fees and legal costs for a third water source in town; half to be paid by the residents and the remaining to be paid through the town's Water Enterprise Fund.

During the discussion of the article, resident Marsha Paul stated a third water source in town was critical and would benefit the entire community.

According to Town Treasurer Ken Glowacki, a home assessed at $400,000 will see an increase of $10 to their taxes for ten years.

Another large monetary article, Article 2, transferred $75,000 from free cash to fund the construction, drainage, and road repairs to areas on Westborough and Southborough roads. A number of pipes under both roads have deteriorated and require replacement and then the roads must be repaved.

The remaining 11 articles passed are summarized as follows:

Article 1 transferred from free cash $35,000 to fund the town's insurance account for the remainder of the fiscal year. Due to a rate increase, there was insufficient funding in the account.

Due to the number of town elections this year, Article 3 transferred $1,500 to the Town Meetings Election Account from free cash to cover the additional costs.

Article 4 passed by a majority vote and transferred $26,446 from the School Stabilization Account to pay for the schematic designs associated with the Green Repair Program at Miscoe Hill School to replace the roof, boilers, and a number of windows.

Article 5 concerns the Water Enterprise Fund and appropriated $30,931 due to insufficient funding for capital projects during the fiscal year.

Due to rising fuel costs, a supplemental appropriation of $7,000 was needed to fund the Fire Department's Vehicle Fuel Account for Article 6.

Both Articles 8 and 9 concerned Community Preservation Act funding. Article 8 dealt with the state requiring 10 percent funding to historical resources, open space, and community housing. Article 9 transferred $24,500 from the CPA's Historic Resources Account to fund an archeological exploration of the cave at 18 Elm St., which was recommended by the Massachusetts Historical Commission. The funding will also restore stones to their original locations in an effort to avoid further damage to the structure.

Article 10 transferred from free cash $9,000 to properly dispose of 700 cubic yards of street sweepings at the Highway Garage.

Due to the harsh winter weather this year, the town's Snow/Ice Account exceeded its $210,000 budget. As a result, Article11 transferred from free cash $135,000 to supplement the account.

Article 12 transferred from free cash $10,000 in order to renovate Memorial School's Leland Field.

And finally, Article 13 transferred $25,000 from free cash into the School's Stabilization Account. According to Selectman Robert Fleming, the transfer is helping to plan for a future liability.


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