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Blossom Do-Good

Sunday, February 14 is Valentine's Day. It is a holiday steeped in tradition and also taken over by all the greeting card, floral and candy companies in the world.

Let's face it fellas ... what does your wife REALLY WANT for Valentine's Day? She wants to be pampered and made to feel special. She wants some time off! She wants what SHE WANTS .... Not what you and the kids want to give her. So no chocolates (we are all well on our way with our New Year's resolutions and into giving up something for Lent), no dinner out ... the restaurants are crowded and the food is subpar .. unless of course you go to New England Steak & Seafood, Cancun's, Rose Garden, or Wanokura. And for goodness sake, don't you and the kids cook for her, because I have seen kitchens that dad and the kids think are cleaned up.

Here's what she really wants: a weekend away (by herself or with girlfriends), a pampering appointment like a massage (LaRose), mani-pedi (D'Pearls), hair cut or color at Salon Richard Anthony's, or cash for something she can choose for herself. And here's my all time favorite: a weekend away. I recommend a gift certificate from For the small price of $30 you get two gift certificates for a free night when you pay for one night at hundreds of bed & breakfast inns all over the United States, many in the Northeast. Yes, the certificates sometimes have limitations ... but hey ... I can always find someplace that fits my schedule and my desire for new scenery and alone time. I have been to the Cape in springtime when the azaleas and rhodies are in bloom, to Newport in early December when the inn and the mansions are decked out for Christmas. I have been to Hartford the weekend of the Christmas Tree Festival and also toured Mark Twain's House ... fun!

Usually the inns are old Victorians or Colonials, with 2 to 10 guest rooms and private baths. Sometimes they are larger inns with many more rooms. The inns are elegantly and tastefully decorated. In the morning coffee and a lovely breakfast are served in the dining room with crystal and china. Then it's off for a day of exploring, shopping, or a nap in front of the fireplace in your room. The next morning another elegant breakfast is served and she has the whole day to play before she heads home.

So let's rethink Valentine's Day and give your ladies what they really want .... Remember a happy wife means a happy life!


(PS: from Al, this saves me a bunch of time and worry!)


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