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Just a Thought

My husband and I have a few rules for our family when we go to church. Phones are always left in the car, no talking during Mass, and always dress appropriately—and by that I don't necessarily mean ties and dresses but just clothes that are considered suitable for church.

Just a few rules we follow that I would say are common sense and adhered to by most others attending church. However, lately I've noticed that common sense rules concerning appropriateness have gone right out the window...

Last week, just as Mass was about to begin, I watched a woman walk in carrying a rather large cup of Dunkin Donuts coffee to enjoy throughout the hour-long service. A few minutes later, another churchgoer walked in and I noticed she was wearing slippers on her feet. Initially, I gave her the benefit of the doubt that she had some sort of foot ailment and couldn't wear regular shoes—but no—she seemed to have no problem walking down the aisle to receive communion and then walking back to her seat.

As Mass ended and I watched the first woman slug down her last sip of coffee, I shook my head a bit and began thinking about how much we've strayed away from what used to be considered proper behaviors. Are we getting a little too comfortable and lax these days about appropriateness?

And I'm not just speaking about church. It's like those people who wear full on pajamas and slippers when they go out in public. Really?

I'll be the first to admit that I've worn slippers when dropping my daughter off at school in the morning but I don't get out of the car. And I've been known to pass through a drive-in wearing my slippers to get a cup of coffee. But again, I'm still in the car. But I really don't need to see a grown man in his New England Patriot's pajama bottoms walking through the aisles at Home Depot or a woman wearing her Minnie Mouse pajamas and slippers walking through the local grocery store. It's fine for a three year-old—not a 33-year-old. Please people, do the world a favor and take the extra minute and a half to put on some pants and shoes before going out.

I'm all for enjoying creature comforts but there's a time and place. So let's put the coffee down and keep the sleeping attire to the house only.

Some may call this mean or judgmental—I call it appropriate and respectful.


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