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Mendon Musings

I recently got a letter in the mail notifying me that I was an abutter to a development coming up before the Planning Board.

"Aha!" I said to myself, "That explains what those surveyors were doing for the past few weeks down the street."

I had thought they were charting the boundaries of the property next to the new soccer fields. Nope. They were looking at the property that stretches behind the homes along Rt. 140 and meets the back of my land.

So, off into my back woods I went and found the surveyor's stakes nearby. Yes, I'm going to be the neighbor of two solar arrays – the one closest to me bigger than the ones going on the Varney property.

If you've read my past columns, you know that I would be a complete hypocrite if I opposed it. And, I don't.

Here are several reasons why:

• No septic system near the Charles River.

• No water supply connection or well required.

• No increase in traffic (once construction is completed).

• No kids added to the school system.

• A good portion of the open space that's there now will remain.

• The area's carbon footprint is reduced while clean electricity from a renewable source is generated.

• The town gets more tax revenue than now, without any new demand on town services.

• Any energy source "spill" is just another sunny day.

No one likes development near them. It's change. It's unsettling. It gives rise to NIMBYism (as in "Not in my Back Yard") and makes people go BANANAs (that's "Build Almost Nothing Anywhere Near Anybody.")

Recently, I saw a new term: YIMBY. It stands for "Yes, in my Back Yard."

So, put me down as being YIMBY for solar arrays – when they actually are next to my back yard.

On a completely different note, it's great to see so many people already getting involved in Mendon's 13-month long 350th Anniversary celebrations. (Full Disclosure: I'm a member of both the town's 350th Anniversary Committee and the Brothers of the Brush.)

When the 325th anniversary took place, I found the events not just fun to be at, but also a great way to see folks I hadn't seen in a while and a chance to meet people I didn't know.

The 350th is just the same – who knew so many people would pay donations to keep me locked up in "Ye Olde Jail" for three hours?

Last month's ham and bean supper was a great success and next week's dinner dance sold out in less than a month. Now, it's on to the Thanksgiving Turkey Trot, December's Santa Parade and Tree Lighting and the Lake Nipmuc Polar Plunge on New Year's Day – to name a few upcoming events.

Enjoy the fun! Party like it's 1667! Check out the events by bookmarking:


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