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If you think we're all done with elections, please remember that April – and Milford's Annual Town Election – are not all that far away.

Even before the November 8 election was held, the local political jockeying began.

Within days after his 11,838 (55 percent) to 9,697 (45 percent) win over Hopedale's Sandra Biagetti, Selectman Brian Murray re-affirmed that – after he takes his oath of office to become the state representative for the Tenth Worcester District – he will announce that he's resigning from his selectman's seat as of the April election.

Before he even won, Mike Walsh of the School Committee and Milford Youth Commission unofficially announced his candidacy for that soon-to-be-vacant two-year selectman's seat.

Current Selectmen Chair Bill Buckley also said he would run for re-election next April for another three-year term, but said it would be his final term. And, local realtor Josh Lioce announced that he would be running for the Board of Assessors seat that opened up with the recent passing of Sam Bonasoro.

Geez! Nomination papers aren't even available yet, but the candidates already are lining up.

Speaking of the November 8 election, I don't understand the reasoning behind the countrywide protests by people who don't like the fact that Donald Trump is our President-elect. I guess the generations given trophies just for showing up still don't realize that there are winners and losers in life.

I didn't care much for Trump's campaign, but he was elected through our democratic process and that's that. He also gave one heck of an acceptance speech that sounded very "presidential."

I've got better things to do with my energy that waste it on a lost cause. As someone far wiser than me once said, "If you can change something, stop worrying about it and change it. If you can't change it, stop worrying about it and deal with it."

Years ago, the president of a consulting company told me the best way to manage clients' expectations was to "undersell and over-deliver." This month, the Finance Committee wondered if the folks who urged them to fund bus transportation in town over-sold them and is now under-delivering on the promised numbers of riders.

An average of 25 riders per day from September through October isn't that bad for a brand new venture that has no advertising or other type of promotion, such as social media, to let people know it exists. More time than town months is needed to tell if the one-year bus experiment will be a success or a failure.

Finally, it's Red Kettle time – as in the Salvation Army kettles are out there, complete will bell-ringers, looking for you to make a donation. All the money collected here stays here to help those among us who have less than we do.

Please try to stop and throw a few bucks in a kettle. In the book of Genesis Chapter 4, verse 9, Cain asked, "Am I my brother's keeper?" Yes, we are.


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