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A View from the Country

Here I sit on Tuesday the 28th waiting to listen to the first State of the Union speech from our new President. I have heard from the talking heads all day about what he may be saying and what he should be saying. I have listened to Mr. Schumer tell the world before the President speaks that they will be meaningless words, and further calling him names that are very disrespectful at a minimum. Can't forget about Pelosi, who has tried to minimize anything that our new President has said or has done.

What I would like to see is a room full of people that will give our new President the respect any sitting President deserves. He has been in office for 40 days and forty nights and make no mistake, it has been raining B.S. the whole time. Maybe it is time that both houses of congress should give him a chance and at least try to have an open and civilized debate as opposed to a continuous diatribe of blame of who did what to whom, when and why. I frankly am tired of hearing the children in congress call each other names. If they could just change those words to constructive suggestions we would be a lot better off as a country and the respect for our elected officials would be 90% instead of 20%.

No matter who you supported and why, it is time to let it go and accept that Donald Trump is President and get on with it. If he does good in the next four years he will be re-elected and if not he will be replaced.

Speaking of elections, our local election and those who have taken out papers should be recognized for their willingness to stand for office and risk being in the public eye, open to rejection and public scrutiny. I would like to encourage anybody that has a vision for the future of our towns to step forward and run.

Everyone that holds public office should be able to articulate their position on any issue and be open. If hearing a compelling argument they should be willing to re-evaluate their position. Open debate is a healthy thing. It allows all sides of any issue to be brought forward. The key is courtesy and one should show respect for the other's position. Again, it takes courage to put yourself on the public stage for public scrutiny.

And that's looking out my window - waiting to see if the children in congress can play together.


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