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April 1st is coming up in a few days and this is a big day as far as I am concerned. You may ask why? Well, besides being a few days from my birthday, which this year I am going to use my wife's method of celebration which is a one week long, it is a day when I can have just a little fun.

Back in the day, when I was in corporate America and had customers and offices all over the country, I had to talk to them daily. I would call the Dallas office and told the person that answered the phone that it was Clark Kent from the Daily Planet. When I called the L.A office I would usually say it was Jack Webb. The one that always caused a rhubarb in the office is when I would call the office in New Hampshire. I would tell the secretary that answered the phone it was Father Murphy from the Home for Unwed Mothers in L.A and I needed to talk to him about his last trip to Southern California. I used to have a customer in a large Integrated Circuit manufacturer that I would have the receptionist tell the person I was seeing that Bruce Wayne was here to see him. Everyone in the reception area would laugh, but when the person would come right out and you could see everyone thinking maybe it was a good trick.

Based on what I have been watching happening in D.C. these days, maybe April Fool's Day is every day. I have heard some of the most redundant question in the hearings. Everyone on the committee needs to first take a shot at the President or vociferously support the President before they ever ask a question that goes to the point of the hearing. Then they ask a question already asked.

Just goes to show that who we sent to D.C. has an uncanny ability for foolishness.

Now for something totally different

March 28th is Vietnam Veteran's Day as established by President Obama, so if you meet a soldier who served over there, please say thank you.

And as I lean back in my chair here in my office looking out my window ... I am looking forward to spring.


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