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My son James just played in the Super Bowl...the Flag Football Super Bowl, that is. His team in this particular indoor league was the Atlanta Falcons, which I thought was pretty funny. He was given his jersey two weeks before Super Bowl 51 and he asked me if he could wear it to school. "Go ahead," I said, "but you might get beat up," I joked.

Still, James' Atlanta Falcons team had a great season and won their playoff game to play in the Super Bowl. He woke up nervous and excited all at the same time and I could tell he wanted this win very badly. What made it really interesting was the fact that he was playing against his best friend, Aidan, whom he has known since their preschool days together and seven years later they are still best buds.

It was a tough, hard fought game from the start; both teams were definitely on their A game. At half time, the Falcons were ahead by a touchdown. Shortly after the second half started, James came down hard on his knee after a pretty great catch and did not get up. As a couple of coaches came onto the field to see if he was okay, all the players took a knee, which is the rule. As a couple of adults were huddled around him for a minute or two, I did everything in my power not run onto the field too, knowing that probably would have embarrassed him beyond words.

As I waited anxiously to see if he was going to be able to get up, out of the corner of my eye, I saw Aidan stand up, break away from his teammates, walk over to other side of the field and kneel down near James. I guess to Aidan, that wasn't a player down, that was his best friend and all he wanted at that point was to know he was okay. After a couple minutes, James' coach ended up carrying him off the field but not before he got a fist pump from Aidan.

Thankfully, James ended up being just fine. He walked off his sore knee and was able to get back into the game in the last minutes. In the end, the Falcons lost the Super Bowl in overtime (where have I heard that before?). It was a tough loss for our team, but a great win for Aidan's.

The game has been over for about an hour now and Aidan and James are at it again playing football in the yard; all is right with the world. Today, Aidan walked away a Super Bowl champion. To me, Aidan is a champion but for an entirely different reason.


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