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It's been a pretty low-key summer for the Sanford family so far. No big trips to speak of. Mostly just days hanging out at our summer cottage with friends and family. However, there was one overnight excursion that initially I thought I was doing for my kids but when it was all over, I realized I also did for me.

Up in the vast mountains of the Berkshires is a 20 plus acre property called Ramble Wild, a tree to tree adventure park which has kids and adults climbing, walking, and zip lining through various courses. When my husband first suggested this as fun adventure for the family, I gave him a "Seriously?" look, as the word "adventure" is not typically in my vocabulary when it comes to vacations. Still, knowing my kids would love it, I agreed, but thought in the back of my mind, I'll just watch.

When we arrived at our destination in the morning, it was cool and rainy out. Our guide checked us in and we began a short hike to where our safety harnesses and helmets were located. I reluctantly got into my gear but still thought silently to myself, there's no way I can do any of this. After a demonstration on how to safely go about completing the courses, we all began. Yes, even me.

There are courses for beginners, intermediate, and the most skilled. Each course consists of approximately 15 elements including high wires, balancing logs, rope ladders, and suspended bridges that you carefully must walk across and end with a zip line ride before completing. Although the beginner courses looked easier than the others, they were still at least 20 feet in the air; not my cup of tea. Each level gets more difficult and higher in elevation.

As my kids flung through the trees like Tarzan and Jane, I was still only half way through the first beginner's course when they went on to another. Still, at that point, I suddenly realized that I was enjoying myself only for the sheer reason that I was doing something I never expected I could. And I even challenged myself to complete another course.

I will say the following day was certainly not fun because every muscle in body ached. Still, it was all worth the aches and pains because I broke out of my comfort zone for my kids that day and yes, for me. The most difficult course at Ramble Wild is the double black diamonds course which apparently has a 90 percent failure rate. My husband says we'll tackle that one next year. Yeah, right...see ya back at the beginner's course dude.


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