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Blossom Do Good

Where were you on Monday, August 21, 2017 at 2:46 pm??? Were you glued to your television set watching news coverage of the "Great American Eclipse"? Did you have the special glasses so you could look straight at the sun and see this marvelous event? Did you drive all the way to South Carolina for an experience of total coverage of the sun or "totality."

Or did you do what I did Monday afternoon? I hopped into my pool, climbed up on an air mattress and floated through the entire event. My husband and son were outside with me, also focusing on the environment and what would happen. None of us had the special glasses, so we could not look up at the sun. Truth be told, in Upton I don't think we would have seen much anyway.

But we did experience a quiet calm over the yard. A slight bit of darkness, the silencing of the birds, the chirp of one lone confused cricket and a strange silver glow over the house. When it was over, I personally was so relaxed because I had blocked out the rest of my concerns that I fell asleep on the air mattress, and woke up an hour later to total sunlight and birds chirping.

But for those few moments in time I think that all of Upton, Mendon and Milford and Massachusetts were quiet, enjoying the show mother nature was providing for us.

My point is, couldn't we all "just get along" - all the time? When we gather by the hundreds wouldn't it be great if we all looked up at the most important things in life? See the big picture? Realize that we are all having a human experience. We are all flesh and blood. Regardless of our skin tone or politics, our blood is red, we breathe the same oxygen and we all must survive on this Big Blue Marble called earth.

There has been so much discord in our country lately. Protest marches are turning into all out battles between the groups involved, maiming and killing many people. Why can't they step back and see the whole picture, that we are but grains of sand in a massive universe beyond our comprehension.

May your days and nights be filled with wonder, looking at the big picture, and letting go of the petty quarrels of the day.



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