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First things first.

The day before our last issue appeared in print, the Personnel Board voted to change the job description and pay rate for the Building Commissioner – a central focus of my most recent column. The pay rate was not what the Board of Selectmen asked for, but the independent Personnel Board finally did act on the selectmen's request.

Second topic:, Milford's voters (well, 14.4 percent of them) came out on March 6 to finally decide by a 1,921-708 vote (73 percent to 27 percent) the fate of retail marijuana sales in town.

If you still don't understand what happened, all retail; marijuana sales and anything related to them are not allowed, with the exception of the business being done by ProVerde Laboratories, Inc. on Fortune Blvd. and Sira Naturals (formerly Sage Naturals and, before that, Milford Medicinals) on Commercial Way. Those two companies get to expand from the medical marijuana market into the retail one.

Sira's CEO, Michael Dundas, held a community outreach meeting on March 15 in which he gave an excellent slide show about what the company does. Dundas let slip the news that his company will soon decide whether to build a second growing facility in the Bear Hill section of town. It's nice to see a local business prosper

I also think if Dundas had given that same presentation prior to last September's vote there might not have been so much hysteria about "reefer madness."

Speaking of "reefer madness," one of the outside experts the Milford CARES folks brought to their very one-sided forum last fall talked about the THC levels in today's pot being dozens of times higher than it was when folks my age were in our 20s. Well, the state's Cannabis Control Commission ruled that out by releasing draft regulations limiting the THC level to just five milligrams. (Tetrahydrocannabinol, or THC, is the part of marijuana that makes a person feel "high.") Funny how facts can eliminate fear, isn't it?

Third topic: Milford's annual town election is just around the corner, with contested races for Board of Selectmen, School Committee and Board of Library Trustees.

First, thanks to all the people for running, rather than sitting at home complaining or ranting on Facebook. I personally know how hard it is to put yourself "out there" and ask people to vote for you. Win or lose, you all deserve praise.

It does matter who you elect. Selectmen Chair Will Kingkade recently said his race involves "two good men and two good candidates" who had differing philosophies. To that, I'd add that each race – Board of Selectmen, School Committee and Board of Library Trustees – has good candidates who are good people and who sincerely believe in the things they are running about.

It's all too easy in the age of social media to knock these candidates "down" if we don't like them or don't support them. The best way to get your view on them across is by voting.


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