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Just a Thought

On March 24, tens of

thousands of people came to

Boston to take part in the March

for Our Lives to protest gun

violence and support stricter gun control laws. I'm so proud that two people in attendance that day were my sister and 80 plus year old mother.

Anyone who knows my mom, knows she's a bit frail and needs a wheelchair for long distance walks. However, she's also strong willed and determined when she gets her mind set on something. So I guess I wasn't truly surprised when she decided to attend the march.

The following day, a few pictures of my mom were posted participating in the event and I immediately became a bit anxious. Why? Because no matter what side you sit on, this is an issue

that people are passionate about and very divided on; to the point of unpleasantness at times— particularly on social media. Lately, we seem to have this need to impose our views on others so much that there is no room for any other opinions but our own. So it made me nervous to see how these photos might be received.

I knew for the most part friends and family would be supportive of her taking part in the march. Still, I have some family members who

are gun advocates and I wondered what their thoughts would be after seeing the pictures. To my surprise, many of them expressed their support for her because she was out there for a cause she believed in. I even received a phone call from a family member who is a strong gun supporter telling me she respected my mom's participation in the march and "thought it was awesome she was there."

After hanging up, I thought about that conversation for a while and realized I had learned an important lesson because I presumed to think people might not be supportive of someone who was expressing views they felt opposite of. But in this case I was wrong and gladly so. Thankfully, there are those who can take a step back and realize people have differing opinions on issues and will always respectfully agree to disagree. These days, I think that's definitely a step forward.


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