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Just a Thought

I was at my dentist's office for my usual six month check up. I've been going to this dental office for more than 15 years and think the staff is wonderful; particularly my hygienist who I see at every appointment.

I would say the only problem is the office's parking; there's only parking available on a fairly busy, two-way street that patients have to cross to reach the office.

As I sat in the chair, my hygienist and I talked about happenings in town, about plans for summer vacation, etc. My appointment this time was late in the afternoon and on a Friday, so I asked her if I was her last patient of the day so after she could go home, relax and begin her weekend. She said no, she had one more patient to see.

She then proceeded to tell me the patient was an elderly woman who did not like the street parking situation because she was nervous having to cross the street. "So I'm going to go pick her up, bring her here for her appointment, and then drive her back home." I was so taken aback by this gesture and told her how kind it was for her to do that.

She shrugged it off as no big deal, and to

her it probably wasn't. But it was something I thought about greatly after my appointment was over because what she did was genuine and without any ulterior motive. It was just kind.

I wondered if that's the way she grew up;

if her kindness began at home. When my husband and his siblings were teens and once they received their driver's licenses, their mother would call up their church to find out if any elderly residents needed rides to and from mass. And if they did, the Sanford children would take them to church and drive them home. I thought, what an incredible way to teach children about kindness towards others and how much it meant to those they were helping.

And what I discovered is that acts of kindness, whether big or small, can have a ripple-effect; they can be contagious. Whether it's holding a door, helping someone with a stroller down the steps, letting someone go

in front of you at the check out line; they all matter because they all help; they all show kindness.

For me, after my dental appointment, it was bagging all my groceries to help the cashier who had been left without a bagger. Not as

big as driving someone to and from a dental appointment, but in a very small way, I helped someone that day and she was grateful. I guess, it's important for us to understand that these days, in the world we live in, we thrive on the kindness of others.


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