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Just a Thought

If I were asked to paint a picture of how I envisioned my life to be after I graduated from college—that picture would have been painted far differently than how my life actually turned out.

Like all recent graduates, I had

pictured what my life would be like once

I received my degree. My canvas would have shown me living and working in a city like Boston, writing in some way as my profession, of course making lots of money, traveling the world, possibly going back to school to get my Master's Degree, and some day marrying and having children.

Now, as I look back, some of that canvas came to life and some of it didn't; but as far as I'm concerned now, everything is just as it should be. While I never lived

in a big city like I had always hoped,

made the really big bucks, or went back

to school to get my second degree— throughout my career I have always written, I was able to travel to some amazing places, and I do have a wonderful family and great friendships that have lasted since my school days.

And yet, while my life didn't end up exactly how I pictured it all those years ago; I can honestly say that life is good; life is actually very good. My picture is now painted with being grateful for the simple pleasures, contentment, and a number of accomplishments that I'm very proud of.

Whether your future is climbing up

the corporate ladder, making millions, traveling, serving your country, marriage and children—there will be plenty of bumps in the road, but hopefully you'll be proud of how you've chosen to live this life.

So, to the recent graduates of both high school and college, I hope your canvas is painted with bright colors and amazing journeys. But as you strive to make all your dreams come true, also remember that just living a good life actually makes for pretty nice picture to look back at years later.


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