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Mendon Musings

While visiting my son in North

Carolina earlier this year recently, I bought a copy of a regional magazine at the Raleigh Durham International Airport. My idea was to rip out the mini-guide to craft breweries in North Carolina and give it to him, and have some reading for the flight home.

Inside this magazine, I found a full page ad for "Historic Halifax," advertising it as the "Birthplace of American Independence." Wait a minute, I thought, isn't that what Philadelphia claims to be?

Well, Halifax was touting a celebration of the April 12 signing of the "Halifax Resolves." To quote from the ad: "The Halifax Resolves was our nation's first formal call for independence from Great Britain."

So, off to Google I went to find out more.

These resolves were signed on April 12, 1776 and, according to a National Park Service website, "The Halifax Resolves ordered North Carolina's delegation to the second Continental Congress in Philadelphia, not only to form foreign alliances, but also to seek and vote for independence from Great Britain. This action made North Carolina the first of the colonial governments to call for total independence. As

such, it became a factor leading to the writing of the Declaration of Independence, which was adopted on July 4, 1776."

But, what about the other "resolves" – you know, the ones passed in Mendon on March 1, 1773? The

19 "Mendon

Resolves," as they are now known, did not

specifically call for independence from Britain. But, many of their provision were adopted almost outright in the Declaration of Independence.

So, now I put forth an idea to benefit the town and its Historical Society. The Historical Society, you see, inherited a house on Hastings Street (that's Route 16 for you newbies) that it is turning into a historical museum. This private group needs funds to renovate the building and operate the museum.

Here's my idea: The Halifax ad proclaimed, "Experience Prelude to Liberty at Historic Halifax" and listed some event dates and locations, plus recommended a local restaurant. Why not brand Mendon as "The Prelude to the Declaration of Independence"?

Ads in tourist-type magazines could recommend people visit Southwick's Zoo, eat at the many great local restaurants (which, I'm sure, would chip in

to help pay for the ads). And, the ad could direct them to the Historical Society's museum – where, for a few bucks, you could buy a nice copy of the Mendon Resolves suitably printed on parchment- type paper. And, buy a "George Washington Didn't Sleep Here" T-shirt about the Ammidon Inn. Or, a "Mother Mendon" T-shirt listing our children and grandchildren towns?

Remember, we've got Halifax County, North Carolina beat by more than three years. Why not take advantage of our history? If they can have an annual event, why can't we? If they can promote tourism, why can't we?

Let's correct the history books! In 1773, Mendon became the birthplace of the American Revolution.


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