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Just a Thought

I've written several columns about voting and why I think it's so important for every citizen to register and take advantage of this right we have been given.

I recently learned my daughter's school, Blackstone Valley Tech., was holding voting registration for those students 18 years old, which I thought was a great idea and sent students a valuable message. I hope other schools are doing this too.

On the day of the September 4 primary, I had a very busy day but was determined to take a few minutes to make certain I voted. So, in between bus pick-ups for my kids and just before a meeting, I stopped by the local school to take part in the election process and cast my vote.

As I got out of my car, I noticed an older gentleman, probably in his late 70s maybe early 80s, walking in the parking lot toward the entrance where voting was taking place. Inoticed he was walking with a cane on one side and also had some assistance from a woman on his other side.

It was hard not to notice just how slow he

was moving. Literally, with each step, he moved maybe one inch closer toward the doorway of the school. He didn't appear at all flustered from his time-consuming pace, in fact, I would say he was almost smiling and grateful with each step he took as others passed him on their way toward the polls.

It took me about ten minutes to check in, vote, and then submit my ballot. After, as I made my way back toward my car, I looked up and saw this same man still making his way toward the doorway, one step at a time. And it was at that moment that I wished my kids were with me so they could catch a small glimpse of someone's determination to vote.

After I got in my car, I watched as he finally made his way inside the school, and I found myself silently cheering him on. When I got home, I marked my calendar for the state election and also placed a reminder in my cell phone calendar. Then thought, I bet there's one person who won't need reminding to vote that day, and if I'm lucky, I'll see him again on November 6.


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