By Brenda Crowell

Staff Reporter

Though there have been a few snags along the way, the construction of Upton’s new Community Center is close to being on schedule to meet its substantial completion date of December 15.

“It’s at about 10 to 15 percent, maybe 20 percent, complete,” said Community Center Building Committee Vice Chair Paul Flaherty. “When we use that percentage, that’s how much in dollars of the appropriation we’ve used.”

Total cost of the project is projected to be $12.3 million. As of the Community Center Building Committee’s meeting on April 12, there were no budget issues.

“The contractor was delayed because of running into ledge, but they’ve worked overtime a couple of times to try to get this thing back on schedule,” Flaherty said.

Besides the delays from hitting ledge or solid rock, while excavating the site, there have been issues with getting some materials on time. The scheduled delivery date of glulam, an engineered wood product, has been delayed five weeks.

“The biggest delay has been in getting some of the materials, and we knew there was going to be a substantial amount of ledge,” Flaherty said. “So far, we have the slab down and some walls up, and we’re waiting on the trusses for the roof.”

Delivery of the generator is scheduled for December 2022, which might delay completion of the project.

As of this writing, Upton residents need only drive by the site at 9 Milford Street to get a look at the progress that’s been made.

“People can see what’s there now, but once we get it closed, they won’t see as much,” Flaherty added.

Flaherty said that the Committee was still waiting on permits from the Massachusetts Highway Department to connect the water and sewer.

“We’re close to being on schedule. (Completion) was originally supposed to be mid-December, the second week in December,” said Flaherty. “There’s progress, but it’s slow. We could be there. It all depends. If stuff turns around, we can pick up.”