By Brenda Crowell

Staff Reporter

Mendon’s Select Board unanimously voted to amend the all alcohol and adult entertainment licenses for Showtime Entertainment LLC, clearing the way for the company to build a strip club at 49 Milford Road, a property owned by George Funari.

Showtime attorney Thomas Lesser had previously appeared before the Board on September 28, 2021, but was granted a continuance to have a new traffic study done after concerns about safety were brought up. Showtime’s previous study was approximately 10 years old.

“We had a new traffic study done. I honestly thought it would be about two pages long, but in fact it’s probably 150 pages,” Lesser told the Board. “They reached the conclusion that it was going to have no effect on the traffic in the area. That’s in large part because the counts in that area are very high around 4:15 to 5:15, which is peak traffic, and they’re high in the middle of the day, but after six o’clock they just drop off.”

Lesser has noted in previous appearances before the Board that most of the traffic generated by the club will likely occur after 8 p.m.

“It’s a 165-seat place and it will just have no impact on traffic,” Lesser said. “You asked us to do (the traffic study) and we agreed to do it. I think it’s all over.”

Specifications for the building have changed several times since the original application for licensing in 2010. The company’s first plan was for a building of about 2,000 square feet in area and 14 feet high. The 2010 traffic study put the building size at 6,800 square feet and a capacity of 250 to 300 patrons. As approved by the Select Board, the proposed building will be about 4,800 square feet and will support 165 customers.

“You’re placed in a position where there’s a state statute which says that the entertainment license shall be granted unless you find that you cannot operate in a way that doesn’t affect traffic and doesn’t affect safety,” Lesser told the Board. “They don’t leave you very much discretion.”

“We appreciate you following through with this,” Select Board Chair Mark Reil told Lesser.