By Brenda Crowell

Staff Reporter

The Mendon Firefighters Relief Association (MFFRA) is a newly-formed 501(c)(3) nonprofit association that aims to provide local fire resources with training and equipment, as well as other community-focused efforts for the betterment of the town of Mendon.

For the MFFRA’s first official fundraiser, the group is selling 911 reflective address signs for residences and businesses to use at their properties. The signs will be 18 inches by six inches and reflective to save first responders precious time by clearly showing the address, day or night. They will feature a red background with white numbers; numbers will be either three or four inches high depending on the number of digits in the address.

“Our goal is to not only provide these vital resources but also give back to the local community,” said Mendon Firefighter Leonard Morgante. “This specific fundraiser is meant to address a major area of concern for local first responders—the ability to quickly respond to emergencies. We have worked with a vendor to provide reflective 911 house signs which dramatically improve visibility in the day and nighttime.”

The MFFRA recommends installing the signs on the mailbox or in a place that is in the clearest view from the street to allow emergency services to quickly locate the address in a time of crisis.

The signs cost $25, and the MFFRA encourages everyone to buy them for their own property and for family and friends, whether in Mendon or elsewhere, as they are crucial in all communities to make emergency response more efficient.

All proceeds from the sale of the signs go to the MFFRA to allow the organization to continue its efforts specific to fire training. A large donation from a local company at the MFFRA’s inception allowed the group to purchase a training prop, which is located at the Mendon Fire Department. The prop is an essential piece of equipment that allows Mendon firefighters to build up their current training and provides real-life training scenarios.

Orders can be placed directly at Mendon Fire Department or via Checks should be made payable to Mendon Firefighter Relief Association. If using PayPal, please include your name, address, telephone number, and email address in the notes, and also include the house numbers you would like on the sign if different from the address.

“Not only is this meant to be a fundraiser but also a way to keep our community safer,” Morgante said. “We also, of course, would greatly appreciate any donations to our cause even if someone did not want a sign. Obviously all donations will be tax-deductible.”

Questions may be addressed to Mendon Fire Department on the Department’s social media pages or via email at