By Michelle Sanford, Editor

A seemingly simple moment in Boston captured by Milford High School senior and photographer Carmela Martinelli, was named the overall winner in the state’s 4th District Congressional Art Competition and will now hang in the Capital in Washington D.C. over the next year.

Each spring, the Congressional Institute sponsors a nationwide high school art competition to recognize young artists throughout the country and in each congressional district. Students submit their entries to their local representative’s office, and in Carmela’s case, her photo was submitted to Rep. Jake Auchincloss, D. Mass.

Every year, the Congressman gathers an independent panel of artists and artistic professionals from across the district to select submissions for various awards. Carmela’s photo, titled “A Dozen Roses,” was named the overall winner this year.

Carmela took the photo on a street near Mass. General Hospital in Boston. “The photo seems to be just a small moment that had come along during my day in the city, yet it truly has such an extravagant meaning,” she explained. “This man, I have yet to know his name, stands alongside a busy street in Boston each and every day, dressed to the nines, to sell roses to people who come along his way in need of some pick-me-up flowers. In this image, it’s clear that although life might be difficult at times, his effort to dress up, as well as his patriotism for our country with his American flag mask, shows that he keeps prevailing. And to me, that is the most inspiring, most beautiful aspect of life.”

The next big honor for Carmela is her high school graduation, which take place in a few short days. As for plans after school, she hopes to work toward a career as a professional photographer. “I plan to pursue photography in any way, shape, or form that will allow me to continue my growth and my passion, which always leads to my ultimate happiness. As for now, I plan on working, saving up money, and taking some photography courses or programs that will allow me to travel and extend my photography career for my future.”

The Congressional Art Competition will be flying Carmela and a guest to Washington D.C. for a reception to celebrate her photograph. There, she will also meet the competition’s other winners from across the country.


pictured is Congressman Jake Auchincloss stands with Milford High School Senior Carmela Martinelli, who is holding her winning photograph “A Dozen Roses.” (Contributed photo)