By Scott Calzolaio

Staff Reporter

After a discussion with Miscoe Middle School teacher Lauren LaJoie, during the May 9 School Committee meeting, a motion was made to move the location of next school year’s Nature’s Classroom trip to Ivoryton, Connecticut.

The shift of venue is predicted to cost about $70 to $80 more, and must occur due to management shifts at the regular location in Charlton.

The fifth grade students are now scheduled to make the trip from October 17 to October 19, for two nights and three days of outdoor adventure.

LaJoie said the timing is great for getting back into the school year.

“We can work on community building and kicking off our year in the fall,” she said.

Because the campground is further away, and with bus prices soaring in the past few years, LaJoie said it will be pricier. Additionally, this location has a registered nurse on site, which was not always the case in the Charlton location.

She estimates that the cost per student might run approximately $340 when all is said and done. Two years ago, she said the price was closer to $280.

Nature’s Classroom itself costs $301 per student. Transportation charges will be calculated by the time an information session is set up for parents and guardians.

During the discussion, School Committee member Erick Brown said that a group of sixth and seventh grade students were coming up with a proposal for the School Committee to consider as they were unable to experience the trip. Due to the pandemic, Nature’s Classroom was canceled two years in a row. That’s two classes that did not get to experience the “rite of passage” that is Nature’s Classroom, Brown said.

“Everyone remembers going to Nature’s Classroom,” he said. “It would still be awesome if we could figure out how to give everyone a shot,” he added

LaJoie agreed.

“I wouldn’t want anybody to miss out this opportunity,” she said. “I’m more than willing to work with the sixth and seventh grade if they want to take this on as well.”

LaJoie reminds parents and guardians to be on the lookout for upcoming information sessions regarding Nature’s Classroom in their email or child’s backpack.