By Brenda Crowell
Staff Reporter

While a development company has indicated an interest in building a large warehouse in Mendon, the process of actually bringing the structure to fruition is long and laden with obstacles.

Bluewater Property Group has proposed building a 231,000 square foot industrial warehouse at 23 Cape Road in Mendon, which has some town residents concerned.

“They have nothing in front of us,” Mendon Senior Town Planner Jack Hunter said of Bluewater. “Until they do, it’s just conjecture.”

Representatives from Bluewater have appeared informally before the Planning Board, and also addressed the Conservation Commission during the Commission’s January 27 meeting. However, the group’s plans are just that – plans.

Hunter noted that one obstacle Bluewater faces is potentially needing a height variance since the proposed warehouse exceeds 10,000 square feet, but before anything else can go forward, the company needs to get permission from the Hopedale Water Commission for a water connection.

“If they do receive permission and go forward, they’ll need a special permit from the Planning Board for the height variance,” Hunter added.

He said that he estimates the earliest the warehouse could become reality would be summer or fall of 2024.

“Assuming no litigation, I would give it four to six months for permitting, and at least two years for construction,” said Hunter, who explained that he is taking input from concerned Mendon residents very seriously.

“I’ve met with some of the residents several times, virtually and in person,” Hunter said. “They have valid concerns. They’re a well-organized neighborhood. With any concerns that anyone has, we’re going to make sure we address them to the satisfaction of the Planning Board.”

Hunter reiterated that at the current stage of the potential project, nothing will happen any time soon.

“Bluewater doesn’t have anything in front of us at this time. They have some hoops to get through,” he said. “The biggest is getting permission to have a water connection with the town of Hopedale. If they don’t get permission to hook up, I don’t know if the project could even go forward.”

Bluewater Property Group had not responded to messages from the Town Crier by press time.