By Scott Calzolaio Town Crier Reporter

Interim Superintendent of Schools, Maureen Cohen, said that she’s considering “revamping” the role of the Student Representative to the School Committee.

With the goal of adding a more active student voice into the politics of public school, Cohen said the role will carry much more responsibility than in the past. For years, the School Committee has welcomed a member of the Nipmuc Student Council to give updates on the goings on during the school day. Now, Cohen said, she’d like to see the role taken to the next level.

“It’s kind of an opportunity where we have an empty seat for a student to participate on the School Committee,” she said.

Cohen said that after some research, she discovered some parameters set by Massachusetts General Law to help lead the way. She said that law recommends having a student on the School Committee. And also by law, the student would be appointed by a faculty advisor of the student council.

Other than a few logistics, the position is “whatever we want to make it,” Cohen said.

“They would then act as a liaison between the School Committee, but also a voice for the students as well,” she said. “It’s really an opportunity for them to engage in local politics.”

The student appointed to the position would stay for the duration of the meetings, with the chance to tune in with their input, or the gathered input from the Student Council. The student wouldn’t be a voting member, but they would be able to contribute and participate even in subcommittees.

Cohen said she hopes to have a candidate in front of the School Committee in about a month. Cohen plans to put a notice out to all juniors and seniors to gauge interest and gather a pool of candidates.

She said that for the first year, one student will be appointed, but depending on interest levels, they could appoint two students next year.

“One thing that’s really important to me is just bringing the student voice to the table, and providing as many opportunities to them,” she said.