By Chris Villani
Sports Reporter/Columnist

The Blackstone Valley Tech cheerleading team has been motivated throughout the winter season with the goal of being even more successful, and the Beavers’ hard work paid off with a spot in the upcoming regional competition.

“The girls are super proud,” head coach Nicole Boucher said. “We worked really hard changing things around from the fall and it seems to be working out well for us.”

Boucher said the team has been more focused on the small details that can add up to a great performance in competition. They have also added strength training into their routines, which has helped them perform on the mat, the coach added.

The Beavers have also embraced a team-first concept.

“They lean on each other,” Boucher said. “If one person is not doing their job, then the team as a whole cannot get it done. When you have athletes in the air, you rely on them to have great balance and you rely on the person on the ground to have great strength.”

BVT’s captains have been instrumental in leading the team throughout the winter. Senior Ashley Haley and juniors Morgan Pitts and Jordan Provost have taken their leadership to another level, Boucher said.

“They have really rallied the team together,” she said. “They get together before practice and they have these fun theme nights to make practice more interesting and fun. They started hitting the gym at the school to do weight training and they are trying to bring together the mental and physical aspect of being a team, which is great.”

Valley Tech has also embraced a more “normal” season after last year was upended by the pandemic and forced the team to cheer outside of its normal season and in “virtual competitions” that involved recording a routine and sending it in to be judged.

This year, competitions are in person and the Beavers have returned to the sidelines of home basketball games to cheer on another successful BVT program.

Valley Tech’s cheerleading team placed first in its division at the Colonial Athletic League meet, and second overall. The team has now set its sights on the regional competition in early March.

“We are fortunate to have a few weeks between leagues and regionals to take the feedback we received, apply it, and put a little bit more difficulty into our routine to compete at an even higher level,” Boucher said.