By Chris Villani
Sports Reporter/Columnist

The Blackstone Valley Tech girls’ basketball team began the week with 13 victories and looking to make some noise in the upcoming state vocational and state tournaments.

“We are coming off some pretty big wins,” said head coach Nathalie Christiansen, noting the Beavers’ recent triumph over Maynard. The team also hung tough in a close loss against a strong Hudson team.

“That was a tough game for us,” Christiansen said. “But we held our own and I was happy with that.”

The Beavers will look for more of that fortitude come tournament time. Valley Tech is ranked in the top 20 in the statewide power rankings, so the team will likely be looking at a road game in the tournament. BVT has been anchored by its backcourt throughout the season, with the duo of Emma Ballard and Skyla Jack setting the tone.

“They both have been really good at getting the ball up the floor and controlling the pace of the game,” Christiansen said. “The momentum is set by the two of them. When they are doing their thing in transition, the rest of the team gets that energy as well.”

Valley Tech has also benefited from some strong play in the post. Kasey Reeves has been a mainstay in the BVT front court and freshman Mara Keane has come on strong.

“She is starting to find her groove, which is awesome,” Christiansen said of Keane. “This is the time to find your groove, just in time for the playoffs. It’s been good to see her stop out of her comfort zone and make some big plays.”

BVT was set to close the regular season with a pair of games against Advanced Math and Science Academy before turning its attention to the playoffs.

Christiansen said she would like to see the Beavers take home the state vocational title, and said that goal is well within reach for the talented team.

“Winning the state voke tournament is a huge goal for us,” Christiansen said of the event, which is coming up during school vacation week.

“After we finish up the regular season, we want to go into the state voke playing like it’s our last chance to play,” she said. “Hopefully we can put up a fight, maybe take home a trophy, and take that momentum into the state tournament.”